Michele Goedde Coaching

About Michele

Managing, mentoring, training, advising and working with people in a capacity where I can be an instrument in their growth and development.  These are the areas in every job I’ve held that have consistently brought me joy and deep satisfaction.  Leaving a corporate job to pursue coaching was simply put, the natural progression that would allow me to use the key elements of my talents and passion when I decided to make a change and devote all of my work time doing the work I love.

In making that change, I knew I wanted to work with people and I knew I wanted to remain involved within the dynamics of vibrant organizations. Coaching gave me the opportunity mix the two to daily immerse myself in the complexities of human interaction, helping people explore possibilities, maximize potential and create transformative change.

Prior to coaching I spent 10 of my 14 years at Microsoft as one of the most successful managers at one of the world’s most successful companies. I was given the Manager of the Year award, nominated by one of my managers and selected by my leadership. In addition I hired, trained, mentored and coached some of the most successful members of the current HR staff in place today. As a member of the College Recruiting Group I developed an ability to identify talent that led to hiring hundreds of people, some now in executive level roles across the company, while also piloting innovative work processes to analyze success metrics that are still in place today.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I held management roles at companies in Seattle, Kansas City and I worked for one of Chicago’s most successful companies – The Levy Organization. At the age of 23 I was promoted to youngest General Manager in history of their flagship restaurant, The Chestnut Street Grill. Within the first year my team returned this once struggling property to profitability. It was through this experience at a young age, that I knew working with people, helping bring out their key talents to achieve something big was something that I needed to be doing.

As a manager, leader, human resources professional and coach I have been involved with people development, performance management and manager capability my entire career. I have always been inspired by what people are capable of achieving. In some cases I have seen people accomplish things that seemed impossible. I have seen people make job changes others said were unattainable. I have seen leaders transform from a place of being all but given up on. I have seen people fiercely and courageously lead with their values and stand up for what they know is right, and change a culture for the better as a result.

As a coach you will find I combine deep expertise in navigating the corporate waters and the dynamics that exists between people.  Working with me is finding your authentic path to bridge that gap.

When I am not working, you can find me in my garden or kitchen.  An avid urban gardener and home-based foodie, I write about my kitchen and garden exploits here: http://eatingsun.com/ When the weather in the Pacific Northwest is not gardening friendly, I travel.