Michele Goedde Coaching


I once heard someone say about her manager, “I’d follow her to Safeway to bag her groceries.”  This statement captures how important an exceptional manager is to an employee.  The work was secondary, the relationship and the impact this manager had on the employee, was forefront. Frequently employees will say it is all about their manager when it comes to overall satisfaction with their job.  It is also known that people do not leave companies, they leave bad managers.

Managers are the lifeblood of teams. A great one will inspire, challenge, courageously give feedback and graciously receive feedback. They are the number one reason people stay in jobs and the number one reason people leave. There is no end to the impact and stability that a great manager can bring to your organization.

Employees want to know of their manager:

  • Can I trust you?
  • Will you tell me the truth about what success looks like in my job?
  • Will you be honest with me, giving me feedback, the good and the bad?
  • Do I get to hone my talents with your support?
  • Will you help me get to where I want to go in my career even if it is not here?

A role so important and valued remains however, an exceptional experience in most organizations.  Most managers receive very little in dedicated support to develop their talents and are left to figure it out on their own. The result is that most employees will say it is a rare treat to have an excellent manager.

Unfortunately even the best training and books focus on telling you what to do or point out what good managers do already.  Rarely do either focus on how you learn to apply that knowledge based on what you value, what you believe and what is most authentic for you.

Coaching Bridges that gap

If you are ready to become a manager that is:

  • Known as a manager that people flock to work for and don’t leave
  • Clear and authentic about  your key values as a manager, leveraging them to manage successfully
  • Fearless about leveraging talents, growing capabilities and providing opportunities
  • Insightful and has a keen sense of how to manage each person effectively based on their needs
  • Adept at handling the most challenging management situations with a clear sense of confidence based on your own guiding principles and values
  • Seen as commanding a deep sense of personal responsibility and awareness through strong and targeted feedback

With Coaching, you go beyond training

You will go beyond everything you have learned, read and experienced and learn how to transform this information in to your authentic management style.

The coaching experience pushes you beyond tactical management to proactively create trusting, custom relationships with your employees. Since the relationships we engage in are co-created, by the end of the coaching engagement there should be tangible outcomes that are typically changed observable behaviors.  Your team will experience you differently.

Consistent great managers have higher performing teams, higher output, higher job satisfaction, higher teamwork scores, and lower attrition and are more likely to retain their most valued employees.  The manager coaching content is also available in a training to coaching format.  Please contact me for more information.