Michele Goedde Coaching


Leaders are often described as visionary, strategic, inspirational, decisive, respected, able to make the tough calls, resilient, confident. All characteristics we can identify when we experience them yet as an emerging leader how do you develop these characteristics in a manner that feels authentic and natural?  Some leaders are born and most are developed.  Coaching is a method that draws upon your values, instincts and strengths to create your unique leadership brand.

Leadership coaching may be right for you if you are:

  • Building your leadership brand
  • Moving from strategic execution to setting and communicating a vision
  • Scaling up, perception managing, determining how you are seen
  • Learning how to lead with a new set of strengths
  • Identify your blind spots and determine which are limiting
  • Becoming a storyteller
  • A leader looking to move to the next level of executive leadership
  • A small business owner looking to let go to enable growth

Leadership coaching generally involves:

Initial Assessment: Conduct 360 Interviews with team, peers, manager to identify behaviors, perceptions and current leadership style.  The 360 interviews identify leadership blind spots and establish coaching focus areas.  Review available assessments and feedback.  A starting framework with the external view of the leader is important to determine the coaching framework.

Establish goals and desired results for coaching. What does success look like?  Who are the key stakeholders?  How will you know when success is achieved?

Midpoint feedback/check-in.  How engaged are you in the coaching? What feedback has come to you if any? What would more bold engagement look like?  At mid-point the coaching is assessed and re-focused as necessary.

Final Assessment. May include a 360 or other interviews to identify where progress was made and gather new feedback. Determine progress made against goals.

Throughout the engagement the coaching includes homework, soliciting feedback, input, trying new things, assessing what is working/not.  The leader is building an awareness of what feels authentic, what is in line with their values and begins to build the brand they desire.  The leadership challenges that emerge are explored and leveraged as learning opportunities.