Michele Goedde Coaching


Personal or individual coaching is for anyone has a desire for something and isn’t quite sure how to get it.

  • Maybe you need someone to help you clarify that desire. It is brewing and you can’t quite name it.
  • Perhaps you know and you need someone to hold you accountable to go do it.
  • Are you someone that has a hard time knowing the difference between a passion and what you can do?
  • Do you over commit and then get frustrated by all of the demands on your time?
  • Are you on the verge of something new and big and afraid to take the leap?
  • Do you desire doing something really new with the next phase of your career, have no idea what it is, what you want or where to start?
  • Maybe you just think there should be more and you are not even sure what more is.

Coaching is a method to give a framework to uncover what you desire, what you value, what you don’t and the limiting factors that keep you where you are. The deep awareness that you gain becomes a framework for decision making from a place of conscious clarity.

Moving forward becomes less about painful change and more about moving towards a clear path.  As adults, we say we want change or to make a big change but actually doing it is incredibly hard. There are many theories about how or why people don’t change and what inspires change. I have found there are 3 reasons why people do:

  1. They have no choice
  2. They are in tremendous pain
  3. There is something they really, really want

As humans if we could change on our own easily, we would, and sometimes we do. When we need a little more help, coaching can be an effective method as a significant component of the coaching model is accountability. Another is figuring out what moves you to make the change.  Sometimes it is figuring out what you really do want (vs should want or could do) and sometimes it is someone holding your feet to the fire. No matter what, change is a tricky business.

Coaching is for anyone that looks at their life and has that sense of there is something drawing them towards something they can’t quite reach but it’s there. By exploring values, limiting factors and beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves, new stories, dreams and change can occur.