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Accelerate Manager Excellence Program

The Accelerate Manager Excellence, or AME Program, is designed specifically for managers new to management or organizations looking for a more  structured approach in their management coaching. Designed to increase management capability in eight coaching sessions, AME is a highly effective option for companies needing to accelerate the development of a large number of managers.

Accelerate Manager Excellence coaching focuses more on how one manages rather than the tasks of management while weaving in key training elements.

With the focus on accelerating development through coaching, this program is designed to bring forth a manager’s capability within four key areas essential to accelerating management excellence.  Each of the four essential elements co-exist within each other, and are the building blocks to creating a successful manager. Through coaching, we work with your managers to identify, highlight and emphasize their natural strengths and talents, moving these to the forefront, while also identifying and honoring their values and goals. Throughout the process attention is given to uncovering blind spots that managers may have and developing any areas that would otherwise inhibit or undermine any of the four key elements that drives success in management.


The four elements to the Accelerate Manager Excellence Program:

Create a powerful relationship
Master the art of giving effective feedback
Emphasize Talents
Communicate clear outcomes

Using assessment tools (such as feedback and 360′s) we will establish a baseline for your managers, identifying where each manager stands within the four key essential areas. Your managers will then establish goals, future dreams, aspirations, and a vision of how they want to be seen as well as who they want to become as manager. Through coaching we will help your managers learn and understand what drives and inspires them, and clearly identify their values, strengths and talents. Combining this new understanding of themselves with on the job feedback, your managers will become more capable, more successful, and stronger as managers.

Since this program is designed to have less of an emphasis on training or the mechanics of what you do as a manager, we move managers away from the common checklist approach of management. The AME program’s goal is to move managers towards a more intuitive, values-driven, customized approach of management based on how they approach their relationships with the people they manage.

To obtain the best results, the coaching program includes the 7 following steps:

      1. Contracting:  Client and coach agree to rules of engagement, including goals of coaching, call rhythm, accountability, completion of training and more.
      2. Assessment:  Client presents information gained from use of  tools such as 360 feedback, manager feedback, personality tests, interviews with stakeholders, and areas of interest from training to identify the coachee’s strengths and development opportunities.
      3. Goal Setting:  Identify goals that, if achieved, will have the maximum impact on current vs future performance. Where are you now as opposed to where you want to be at the end of this program.
      4. Create a Plan:  Coach/Coachee co-create plan for how coaching will progress that maps to how goals will be achieved.
      5. Regular Coaching:  Regular coaching begins and progresses to includes check ins, homework, accountability when homework is not completed, etc.
      6. Progress Against Goals:  Coach is holding the bigger agenda client is working towards throughout coaching, checking progress against goals.
      7. Completion:  Objectively determine what progress has been made towards client’s goals. This might include changes in skills or knowledge, business metrics, or stakeholders’ feedback. Periodic check-in with client’s manager, direct reports etc to discuss achievements and ensure client is still on the right track. Determine next steps.  In some cases, a client may continue on with coaching.

To determine whether the AME program or individual coaching is most appropriate for your needs please contact me for a consultation.