Michele Goedde Coaching

New Employee Coaching

In partnership with Coppei Partners, I deliver the New Hire Coaching Program for organizations that are interested in providing a robust onboarding experience for new hires at all levels and world wide.  With Coppei Partners I have coached new college graduates through executives world wide in marketing, sales, IT and Finance.

Is New Hire Coaching right for your organization?

  •  Are you looking to increase onboarding satisfaction and new employee effectiveness?
  • Do you need a customized program based on the varying experience and skill levels of your new hires?
  • Do you have unique challenges onboarding your global new hires?
  • Are you adding new employees from mergers/acquisitions or joint ventures?
  • Do you want to reinforce onboarding as something more than orientation?
  • Do you know how to effectively onboard the Gen Y workforce?
  • Do your new hires know how to prioritize critical information and action items to ramp up quickly?
  • Would your employees benefit from a safe environment to transition to a new corporate culture and political environment?

Accelerate your New Hire’s awareness and effectiveness in a safe environment with a confidential resource that provides a safety and foundation for productive discussions

New hire coaching provides:

  • Customized approach for each individual
  • Normalizing of experiences and stress of being new
  • Help with managing information overload
  • Company-specific guidance
  • Expanded manager’s reach
  • Emotional support for unique new hire challenges
  • Prioritization employees with no historical or cultural perspective
  • Listening, reinforcement, and encouragement
  • Problem solving with a safe resource

If you are interested in learning more about New Hire Coaching please contact michele@michelegoedde.com