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Welcome to Michele Goedde Coaching. I offer experienced and insightful coaching for individuals seeking to enhance their work and personal life. I am on a mission to improve workplace health through authentic leadership, strong management and productive, positive workplaces. I work with people who seek to uncover their purpose and find their authentic style through their values, what they love and by moving through the chaos in the way. I thrive on identifying possibility, helping people see connections and finding the steps to move forward toward what is most important.

What you can expect is a partnership that is committed to you identifying and fully stepping in what is true for you. Coaching is more than an enlightening conversation, it moves you to action and holds you accountable. Coaching also provides a clear foundation to say yes to what you really want and the courage to say no to what you don’t.

I am described as a strong listener, perceptive, fearless and fun. I focus on uncovering strengths, identifying values and finding the deep passion from which the right path tends to emerge. My clients report a new clarity about what is important, a deeper sense of what they want and awareness that provides a strong foundation to make decisions.

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